Expert’s Corner: Decorating during the holidays without hurting a sale

The Platinum Group, Realtors

Selling your home with the holidays on deck means you may need some counseling in how to decorate your home for the holidays without turning off buyers.    Even if you already know about decluttering and keeping the house show-ready, talk to your Realtor before getting carried away with holiday decorations.

While it’s hard to dispute that lights and colorful accents can make your home look more festive and cheerful, but buyers need to have an easy time imagining themselves in your home. Just like family photos and other heirlooms that are personal to you, are distracting to buyers, including holiday decorations.

Don’t ditch the holiday decorations altogether, just take time to make a few adjustments during the sale.

  1. -Holiday decorations should fit the style of the home. If your home has a more modern atmosphere, consider tasteful modern holiday decorations.
  2. -Depersonalize the decorations, so the design appeals to as many different types of people as possible. That also means avoiding the personalized decorations that call attention to you and your family:
  3. -Less is definitely more when it comes to holiday decorations while selling your home. Try just enhancing the features of the home rather than getting carried away with all the bells and whistles.
  4. -If your whole neighborhood gets in the spirit, don’t look like the Grinch. If your neighborhood is glowing with holidays lights, then a buyer probably expects decorations at your home, but use generic decorations to promote season’s greetings rather than a specific holiday.
  5. -Don’t eat up floor space with festive decorating, and if your home is small pare down your Christmas tree size as well. Don’t let the presents underneath take up valuable floor space and making your home look smaller, or harder to navigate comfortably.
  6. -Make sure to clean up around your tree, especially If you have a real Christmas tree. Pine needles on the floor can make the home seem untidy.
  7. -Using scents like simmering cider or baked cookies will delight the senses more than garlands strung over everything. A fire in the fireplace can be a cozy way to celebrate the winter and warm visitors as well.

The good news is that brave house-hunters who venture out during the holidays are serious about home buying. Holidays become personal on a lot of levels and you want to romance your buyer, not make them feel like they’re at your Christmas party.

In the end, the most important decision is whether to keep your home on the market during the holidays. Talking with your Realtor will give you the best strategy to get the most out of the season while your home is for sale.

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