Experts Corner: Five reasons you need a Realtor when buying new construction

Provided by The Platinum Group, Realtors

New construction is plentiful and has a ton of advantages, but can buyers save money by not using their own Realtor? The reality is you still need a buyer’s agent looking out for you.    As with any home purchase, there are too many possible downsides, unknown risks, and complications to traverse the process without expert help.

Many buyers assume that the builder’s rep can help them with the purchase, but keep in mind that the builder’s rep works for the builder. Their objective is getting the best deal for their employer.

It doesn’t save money to not hire a professional. The commission for buyer representation is legally part of the purchase price, therefore if you do not use your own Realtor, the builder receives the extra three percent from your purchase.

  1. Finding the right builder

Thanks to a network of agents, vendors, lenders and other industry professionals, getting expert advice on the reputation of builders is an advantage. For example, some builders have a reputation for delivering homes on time, while some consistently seem unable to deliver homes on time.

  1. The best lot, location, and neighborhood.

Rather than taking your best shot, working with a Realtor can help ensure you make selections that will best serve your overall interests. Picking out the best lot in the right community for your lifestyle, in a neighborhood with the features you want is more efficient with the experience and knowledge of a Realtor.

  1. Upgrades and plan modifications

One of the best things about new construction is personalizing the home to your needs and wants, and some things are more important than others. However, without proper guidance, you could easily spend more money on things that are less important. An experienced buyer’s agent can advise you on the best new home upgrades with the highest return on investment.

  1. Expert negotiations

Realtors are strong negotiators who understand the value of all aspects of the deal and see both sides clearly. The builder is not just motivated by making as much money as possible on your sale, they also want to sell the next home for a similar price. However, while keeping the price at a certain point is important, the builder might be willing to give other concessions in negotiations – such as upgrades.

  1. Ensure paperwork, including the contract, is in order

Real estate purchases involve a lot of paperwork that can be confusing and daunting. Your Realtor will review any contracts and make sure you are protected along with helping you to understand all aspects of the contract. Typically, builder contracts are written in a protective manner supporting the builder.

  1. Representation through the entire process

Anyone with the financial means to buy a new home can go find a builder and purchase a new home. With an experienced, licensed Realtor sorting through the marketing and salesmanship, you can make the best choice for your family. Home builders try to capitalize on the emotional side of choosing a new home, so it is essential to understand everything about the process.

Working with a licensed Realtor certifies that you have the expertise of a professional with a fiduciary responsibility to you. Realtors are contractually obligated to look out for your best interests, and compelled to do everything in their power to protect you.

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