The new standard in home building is here

Courtesy of CreekStone Homes

CreekStone Homes is proud to announce their new model home in Wolf Ranch will be opening in May! After more than 20 years as one of the premier builders in the area, this new model marks the beginning of a completely new approach for CreekStone. As the flagship home for their partnership with Owens Corning and the ComfortBuilt® system, the new model features the complete process of building science that will now go into every new CreekStone home. With HERS (Home Energy Rating System) ratings that are unmatched in Colorado Springs, higher year-round performance and the overall improved livability delivered through the ComfortBuilt® system, CreekStone is committed to bringing this innovative process to Colorado Springs and Denver.

“We’re very happy to be building our award-winning homes in new communities with these amazing energy efficiency standards. Knowing that over 80 percent of new homebuyers consider the performance of their homes to be as important as the performance of their cars and computers made the decision to convert to ComfortBuilt® standards an easy one,” said Jason Rose of CreekStone Homes. “The shift in energy efficiency has become our company culture — a way of life. We’re very excited to be moving in this direction. We’re building for the future and we’re starting now.”

CreekStone ComfortBuilt™ Homes are now being built using proven scientific methods, including:

Gasketed air-sealing: This unique air-sealing process protects against air-leakage to help stop unwanted drafts.

Blown-in insulation: Owens Corning® loose-fill insulation fills the entire wall cavity and won’t settle over time, providing thermal comfort.

Continuous insulation: This method wraps the house with Owens Corning® FOAMULAR® Extruded – Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation to seal out the elements and keep the home comfortable.

By building with CreekStone Homes, clients will be assured of having the newest proven building science from Owens Corning. They’ll be able to say goodbye to high heating and

cooling bills and hello to the comfort and durability that only comes with a CreekStone ComfortBuilt™ home, built with the science of comfort.

For more information about CreekStone Homes and the Owens Corning ComfortBuilt™ system, feel free to call or visit their model homes at the below locations:

Wolf Ranch, 9535 Tutt Blvd, 719-368-7945 (look for the grand opening in May!)

Cordera, 4328 Outlook Ridge Trail, 719-434-7339

Gold Hill Mesa, 142 S. Raven Mine Drive, 719-243-1347

Visit them online: