Solid Rock Custom Homes Presents: Designing a Custom Home to Be Timeless

By Lain and Barbara Chappell | Owners, Solid Rock Custom Homes

Designing a custom home is exciting, fun and full of endless possibilities; yet, its design – the design of your forever home – should be more than that. Your forever home should be built to be timeless. Not only should its elements be comfortable, they should be safe and efficient for all of life’s stages. It’s your dream home, after all, it should be built for you, now and as you age; and for your family and all their changing needs.

Many of the homes built by Solid Rock Custom Homes are designed and built to be all-inclusive, to accommodate multi-generational families as well as families that want their home to take care of them as they age. Using a universal or inclusive design for your custom home will accommodate everyone, regardless of age or mobility level; and, can cut out high remodeling costs down the road.

A universal design integrates ‘Aging-in-Place’ build elements such as wide doorways, hallways and alcoves, as well as the implementation of lever handles, curbless and stairless entries, flat panel light switches, and bright and ample task lighting into its design.

These spaces are just as aesthetically pleasing as designs not utilizing this concept, and incorporating these elements leave you with just as much freedom to make decisions on your design and selections. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between a universally designed home and a standard build; yet the design is safer and ensures ease of access for everyone in your family.

At Solid Rock Custom Homes, we are certified as Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) with the National Association of Home Builders and will build you the home of your dreams; a home that is built to last, that you can live in and enjoy longer. Your universally designed, Aging-in-Place home will be efficient, flexible and intuitive to inhabit.

With Solid Rock Custom Homes, the experience of building your forever home will be as exciting and stress-free as possible. We will make sure that your fully custom design will have ample flexibility to adapt to whatever you and your family need. From the most basic structural elements to customizing your selections, Solid Rock Custom Homes will walk with you through every step to ensure that your home is built for you, your family’s range of needs and your preferences.

Solid Rock Custom Homes is a family-owned and operated business in Colorado Springs that understands that each home is a pathway to helping their clients turn their dreams into reality, and we pride ourselves on “building extraordinary homes that bring family and friends together.”

We have been in the business of building and remodeling for over 22 years; our focus is on high-end, fully custom homes throughout the Pikes Peak region. We are dedicated to building projects that reflect the most inspirational and influential elements of every client. We understand the value of your every dream and idea.

Solid Rock Custom Homes are truly custom; from design, selections, measurements and amenities. With Solid Rock, you can create the most unique, one-of-a-kind home that reflects the most important parts of you and your family. Starting in the low 600’s (land additional), Solid Rock Custom Homes will build you a home that will take care of you and your family for generations.

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